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Marc Gravely is an award-winning Texas-based construction lawyer, author, and lecturer. Founder of Gravely Attorneys & Counselors, a construction insurance dispute and construction defect litigation firm with a national footprint, Marc is known for his negotiation prowess in high-dollar construction disputes on behalf of property owners and government entities.

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For inquiries regarding the Marc’s newest book, Reframing America’s Infrastructure: A Ruins to Renaissance Playbook, contact Marissa Eigenbrood with Smith Publicity at  or 856-489-8654.

For general media inquiries regarding Gravely Attorneys & Counselors and Marc’s legal practice, contact Robert Tharp with Androvett at or 800-559-4534.


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Reframing America’s Infrastructure by Marc Gravely

Reframing America’s Infrastructure – A Ruins to Renaissance Playbook

Captivating Dive Into Our Potential as a Nation

In Reframing America’s Infrastructure Texas mega-lawyer and infrastructure frontman Marc Gravely illustrates the inspiring power of innovation and the chilling risks of inaction.

Gravely projects our current condition onto a backdrop of patterns circling the rise and fall of leading civilizations before us.

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